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LinkDocs Compatible Label Tape Replacement for M21-750-595-WT All-Weather Vinyl

LinkDocs Compatible Label Tape Replacement for M21-750-595-WT All-Weather Vinyl

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Product Details:

Model Name: M21-750-595-WT
Brand: LinkDocs
Color: Black on White
Size: Width: 19.05mm (3/4 inch), Length: 6.4m (21 feet) per tape

Package Contents:

  • 4-Pack compatible M21-750-595-WT 3/4 inch black on white vinyl label tapes

Total Length: 25.6m (84 feet)

Compatible Devices:

  • BMP21-PLUS
  • BMP21-LAB
  • M210
  • M210-LAB
  • M211

Material: B-595 Vinyl

About this Item:

  • High Adhesion: Made from durable B-595 vinyl material, these label tapes have strong adhesive properties and can withstand water, fading, temperature variations, and abrasion. The labels remain legible and intact for up to 5 years.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor labeling, including warehouse and pipe marking, panels and signs, equipment, and lab labeling. Note: These labels are not suitable for cable or wire marking.
  • Easy-Peel: The wider backing ensures the labels are easy to peel and apply quickly, saving time and effort.
  • High-Quality Printing: Provides sharp, clear labels with black text on a white background, ensuring easy readability.

Why Choose LinkDocs?

  • Cost-Effective: Save on labeling costs without compromising on quality and reliability.
  • Reliable Performance: Enjoy consistent, high-quality labels from the first to the last.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: Benefit from our free returns policy for a worry-free shopping experience.

Upgrade your labeling experience with LinkDocs M21-750-595-WT All-Weather Vinyl Label Tape Replacement. Perfect for businesses and labs that require durable and high-adhesion labeling solutions.

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